Posted by MEMedawar on December 29, 2017 in Blog

“Shaped by Faith is a ministry founded by Theresa Rowe, a nationally certified fitness professional, author, radio and TV host, and motivational speaker. Theresa encourages people from all walks of life to discipline their body, mind and spirit, preparing them to become what God created all of His children to be: warriors in training for Christ!”

After partnering with Dick Rolfe Media Consulting, Theresa’s business has gained national exposure with a regular exercise series on three television networks. A new show designed especially for women of faith is on the drawing board.

theresa“Dick is the consummate professional. While highly energetic, he calmly strolls through his lifetime of experience for just the right solutions. He is a trusted member of Christian Media allowing him to navigate the narrow openings of networking. His heart for God is reflected in all our business encounters, and I appreciate his dedication to the success of my company.”
-Theresa Rowe, Owner, Shaped By Faith, LLC

“Shaped by Faith with Theresa Rowe” is now available on YouTube. Time to get fit in your body, mind and spirit!

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