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“Shaped by Faith is a ministry founded by Theresa Rowe, a nationally certified fitness professional, author, radio and TV host, and motivational speaker. Theresa encourages people from all walks of life to discipline their body, mind and spirit, preparing them to become what God created all of His children to be: warriors in training for […]

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“At Morningstar Video, we are the curators of family-friendly and faith-focused entertainment. Our overriding goal is to provide helpful information, educational content, and entertainment options that encourage your faith and values rather than tearing them down. We are primarily focused on serving the under-represented Christian entertainment market, although all faiths are certainly welcome to experience […]

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“BIC Media Solutions connects investors, filmmakers and publishers to help fund, co-produce and market inspirational and faith/family-friendly media. (including films, documentaries, TV, books and events.) Earl B. Heard is the founder and CEO of Business and Industry Communications (BIC) Alliance, which includes BIC Media Solutions (BMS), BIC Recruiting, and BIC Investment Services.”   Since working […]