Dick Rolfe Media Consulting is bringing years of collective experience in film, television, radio, publishing
and digital media to clients across the nation who want to increase their businesses’ visibility and
brand recognition. With thousands of prominent and influential media contacts, DRMC will help take your business to the next level through Vision Casting, Brand Marketing and Networking.


Edward_Veve“I have worked with Dove for several years, and was thrilled when I found out that Dick was available for consulting services! My company is moving in a huge new direction, and Dick has made the connections and helped focus my strategy and plan in ways that exceeded my expectations. He is blazing the trail before me, opening doors and lining up all the external pieces I am going to need to maximize my success. I feel like working on my own was just trudging and plodding along, but working with Dick is like stepping onto a high speed conveyor. Hiring him was one of the best decisions I ever made.”
-Edward Veve, President, Morningstar Video



theresa“Dick is the consummate professional. While highly energetic, he calmly strolls through his lifetime of experience for just the right solutions. He is a trusted member of Christian Media allowing him to navigate the narrow openings of networking. His heart for God is reflected in all our business encounters, and I appreciate his dedication to the success of my company.”
-Theresa Rowe, Owner, Shaped By Faith, LLC



earl heard BIC“Dick Rolfe has been an invaluable business partner and personal friend of mine for many years. His knowledge of the faith and family-friendly media industry is second-to-none, and I have a deep appreciation for all that Dick does. He is an encouragement and inspiration to all who work with him.”
-Earl Heard, Founder and CEO, BIC Alliance and BIC Media Solutions