Bill Sondheim, President, Cinedigm Entertainment Group
Bill Sondheim President, Cinedigm Entertainment Group
“I have had the honor of knowing Dick Rolfe for almost 25 years and have watched him build a meaningful brand and critical service that helps parents navigate the increasingly complex landscape of movies, TV shows and filmed entertainment. That objective and credible voice has become a vital tool in evaluating family appropriateness, and we all owe him a debt of gratitude.”

Jody Dreyer, Sr. Vice President Marketing, The Walt Disney Studios

“Dick is the heart and soul of The Dove Foundation. His passion to insure that families are educated and informed is commendable. We at Disney; salute his passion and rely on his expertise in this area. Dick Rolfe is a terrific partner.”


Rich Peluso, Sr. Vice President, AFFIRM Films/Sony Pictures

“Dick has a mission, and he stays focused and on track. He wants to inform and equip as many parents as possible to make good decisions about the entertainment that their family is exposed to. I admire his dedication to his mission and desire to see culture changed for the good. His work and passion is much needed in a world of harmful and degraded entertainment.”


Dr. Larry W. Poland, Founder & Chairman Emeritus, Mastermedia International
larry poland

“I have known Dick for at least 35 years. I hired him at one point to work for Mastermedia International of which I was chairman and CEO. He worked with us for more than two years. Dick is a wonderful person, a very wise and reasonable man, is extremely knowledgeable about global media, has a very deep and vital Christian faith, and is a well-organized thinker and strategist. His integrity is impeccable. It would be hard to hire a consultant in these areas of Dick’s experience and get as great an experience for your money as you will with Dick. Love the guy … and you will too.


Chris Bueno , CEO, Ocean Entertainment

“Dick is a good friend that I’ve known for many years now. He has in-depth knowledge of the “faith-based” audience.
I highly recommend any opportunities to work with him.”


Kyler McCormick, CEO, Filmmaker “The Outbound Life,” TEDx Speaker

“Dick is an incredibly humble leader, influencer, and well-versed veteran in the world of media. He leads by example, and makes his admirable family values clear in everything he does. Working with Dick will be nothing short of a great blessing, and catalyst in your life.”


Dr. S. Bryan Hickox, President, CEO, Bryan Hickox Pictures
Bryan Hickox

“Through the years I have found Dick to be an astute observer of trends in the motion picture and television industries as well as a tireless crusader for a much higher level of storytelling integrity and deeper spiritual values. His industry knowledge and outstanding presentational skills are second to none. As a television producer and director with over 70 television movies under my belt, I have always cherished his counsel, his wisdom and most of all his friendship.”


Dr. Rex M. Rogers, President, SAT-7 USA Christian Satellite Television – Middle East

“Dick Rolfe knows American cinema, culture, and the tenets of a biblically Christian worldview. I’ve worked with Dick in a variety of circumstances and in each case he proved himself a worthy cultural critic and a man of integrity. He evidences passion, commitment, an admirable work ethic, and a strong sense of God’s calling in his life and work. Dick is a man doing God’s work God’s way and I count his friendship a privilege.”


James Muffett, President, Student Statesmanship Institute & Citizens for Traditional Values

“Dick Rolfe is one of my heroes. Over the years of knowing Dick, I have always been impressed by his vision and his passion for the Lord. I am inspired by his commitment to upholding Judeo-Christian values in the public arena. He is an effective leader whose example is worthy of emulation.”


Dr. Deb Havens, Screenwriter/Filmmaker
Dr. Deb Havens

“Dick has years of experience building a local concept into a national brand with wide support from major companies — and he’s one of the best “good-hearted guys” you will ever know!”


Dr. David Andersen, President, East Coast, Mastermedia International
Dr. David Andersen

“I heartily recommend Dick Rolfe! Not only is Dick a wonderful guy, he is also an experienced, knowledgeable, inspirational leader, and a man of great integrity. He has a real heart for people, and a passionate love for Jesus Christ. He is truly a man who is making a difference in this world. ”


Paul J. Hindelang, President, Results Systems Corporation

“Dick has great ideas and is a reliable advisor. He will certainly be a helpful addition to your pursuit of excellence.”


Tabitha Blanski, Owner, Inkling Pictures

“Dick is kind, knowledgeable, and experienced. He’s built up a solid foundation and media network, allowing him to provide tested and true support.”


Rick Garside, Director, Side By Side Films
rick garside

“Dick is well connected and can really help you with your projects.”


Pat McDonough, President, McDonough Entertainment Group
pat mcd

“Dick’s knowledge is second to none. Incredible insight and a true class act.”


Elodie Penna, Director & Production Designer, Co-Owner, Lantern Entertainment

“Dick brings a wealth of knowledge, experience and wisdom to his new endeavor.”


Rob Ambrose, Church Email Lists, LLC

“Dick has been in the business for years, knows a lot of people, and is super nice to work with!”


Marilyn Anderson, Owner, American Barn Quilts

“Honest and very upright man!! Has always given me great advice for many many years. I highly recommend him!”


Kevin Foster, Pisces Productions

“Dick has been around the media business a long time and knows his audience well.”


Dr. John Seel, Founder, John Seel Consulting, LLC

“Here is someone who understand the power of media and its role in making the world a better place.”


Rick Merpi, Producer/Director, Owner, Merpi Media
Rick Merpi

“Professional, honest, thorough.”